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The following page has not been changed much for the last decade or so, if you are so inclided head on over to: Garlen.Net

I'm not really sure what one is supposed to put on a personal home page. I figure its my chance to talk about me! I should start with my family. I have been HAPPILY married since 6/7/81 (however long that is) to the SAME person. That would be Marilyn. We have two kids Alex and Mandy. We were living in a typical geothermal-solar-envelope contemporary home in Springfield, NJ in a flood zone with the water table a foot above our basement floor until we moved eight feet up (see Home Elevation project)

If for some reason any one cares about my education, occupation or my random interests go ahead and read about them / me. Feel free to take a look at some of my Personal Favorite Web Sites (which probably tell more about me than I've written below.


I hold a BSEE degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia PA (1980). I have also taken a number of classes towards an MBA.


If I had to define "what I am" I would have to say and Electronics/Systems/Sales Engineer and most recently an honest to goodness entrepreneur. I am a principle of Kg Systems, a manufacturer of custom automated weighing and industrial control systems systems. I have been doing that full-time since June, 1992. Before that I was employed, for periods ranging from one month to ten years, by:

Ohaus Corporation (formally Ohaus Scale), Florham Park, NJ

Instrumentation Labs, Andover MA

Weston Instruments, Newark NJ

General Electric, Philadelphia PA time permits (and it rarely does) I enjoy:

My job (believe or not)

Working with computers (when they cooperate-operate)

Scuba Diving


I played golf ONCE! (we'll see how that goes)

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