Control Devices and Systems
Kg Systems
Checkweighers / Sorters
Weight Dispensers
In-motion checkweigher:
Installed retrofit load cell and controller for obsolete Metramatics chain driven in-motion checkweigher. 1 kg capacity @ 120 / min. End-use: cheese producer.
In-line check-weigher:
Automated filled bottle check-weighed with reject mechanism. 270 g x 10 mg @ 30 / min.
Autosampling production scale:
In-line checkweigher for manufacture of food products. Modified processing line to (1) Automatically sample, (2) weigh, (3) calculate error trends, (4) feedback correction signal to servo adjusting process.
Parts Sorter:
Dispensed, weighed & sorted small parts. Tracked weight distribution statistics. Issued HALT signal to processing equipment on reject. 250 g x 0.1 g @ Max rate 45-60 parts/min. Applications: Bullets & Wirenuts.
file: kgsp_CWS - 9/23/95