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Distributed weighing system:Photo Available
Sorting aid in commercial laundry. Loadcell signal digitized and converted to RS-485 signal, transmitted to central controller and ultimately relayed to customer's PLC for down-stream monitoring & control.
Inventory system:Photo Available
Real-Time compounding verification & inventory system. (1) Formulas are down-loaded from host and issued to compounder under password protection, (2) product codes and lot numbers are verified using barcode reader, (3) actual weight sent to host via Radio Frequency Link.
SPC System:
Multi-scale Statistical Process Control weight monitoring system in food manufacturing. (1) Operators sample products from packaging machines, (2) Products placed on scales, (3) Real-time SPC/SQC charts assist operators in required adjustment to filler.
Differential weight control:
PC based, dual scale, differential weight logging and alarm system with remote operator indicator units.
Candy Control:Photo Available
Sample, count & weigh on-line packaging of candy. Feed-back Average Piece Weight to production PLC.

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